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This magazine features my perspective on time and its value. The magazine contains both written and visual images of appreciating time and what it has to offer in various situations.


  1. Being Present
  2. Slow Down
  3. Take a Chance
  4. Never too Late


This Magazine is currently available for free as a pdf download 


My goal is to combine photography with an aspect of mental health. Photography helped me in many ways with personal growth and I want to share my perspective to hopefully help others in their journey toward personal growth. Everything in this magazine is opinionated and in no way medical advice, but it is my own experience and conclusion on my mental health journey. I hope you enjoy both the written and visual stories on this topic of time. I encourage you to create your own story and share this magazine with whoever you believe would benefit from it! Special thanks to all the models featured in this magazine because I could not have created this visual magazine without them!

Life is Time

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