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2012-2016 Saint Francis College Bachelors in Biology


2018-2020 College Of Mount Saint Vincent Bachelors in Nursing

Ricardo Calderon

Freelance photographer currently based in New York City. My work showcases a well-balanced mix of landscape and portrait photography. What I keep in common between the two is building a storyline in each photo. I consider my photography like storytelling. With a medical background, my future goal is to take photography with a mental health element. There is therapy in art and I plan to promote my work with that perspective in mind. My editing style for portraits is to maintain a natural look with a cinematic feel with each portrait I edit. For Landscapes, my approach is to create a contemporary art look in each moment captured. I hope to inspire others along my travels and continue to be inspired by new memories I make along the journey.

" Photography is like my time machine. Each photo brings back memories with the emotions felt still attached to them."

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